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Holiday Proposals

The holidays are upon us and that means, so is engagement season!

If you are planing to ask your soulmate to be your partner for life this season, make it the best you can - with what you have.

We all love watching videos or seeing photos of awesome engagements – so if you can pull it off – call your favorite photographer today and see if they can shoot a surprise engagement. Chances are that they are likely too busy to do so – but, hey, you never know until you ask.

If you can't get your favorite photo/video guru to help, at least ask someone close to you (that you trust to keep the secret) to take photos or shoot video. Genuine captured emotions are the BEST!

Lastly, be confident and allow yourself to cry a little – an awesome proposal should be emotional and tears are the universe's way to show our strongest emotions.

Happy Holidays from Arrowhead DJ to everyone and we look forward to seeing you in 2020

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